How numbers and starts impact the human like and characteristics.

Understand human characteristics by birth number and how stars Impact human body.
Sun and the Immune System
Our immune system is predominantly controlled by Sun. Sun is the source of light , energy and vitality.A strong sun gives one good health and robust life.

Vastu and Medicines
Keeping medicines in a particular zone enables one to recover quickly from any health issues.This zone is the North of North East.Keeping medicines here boosts your puneri dhol tasha immune system. Also activating the South of South East gives strength and energy.

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Transactional HR to HR Business Partnering

I read an article in Forbes magazine which found that 42% of the Senior Executives described their HR employees as too absorbed in process and ignorant of the big picture. This motivated me to work on this video to share tips or steps that will help you start business partnering. It is essential for today’s HR to KNOW THE BUSINESS, KNOW THE Positive Impact NUMBERS AND KNOW THE EMPLOYEES – this is a sure shot recipe to becoming a business partner. Believe me, it’s not really rocket science. Each of us can get there. So don’t be afraid to start over. You can do it – one step at a time!

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